Two Sisters on a Mission to Uncomplicate the Foods We Eat

BEEYOND is a Greek women owned snack food brand, started by two sisters who were inspired by the wisdom of their Greek ancestors and the necessity to take pleasure and joy in the food we eat. Our philosophy is rooted in the use of simple, high quality and organic ingredients that bring nutritional harmony and little moments of joy, the Greek way.

There is a certain magic to the simplicity of a snack or meal that allows each ingredient to shine on its own, yet harmonize together perfectly. The Greeks know this magic very well (some might even say they invented it!).

In Greece, snacking is not just about satisfying hunger - it is a way of life.

The Golden Rules (As told by our Yiayia)

Enjoy everything in moderation - Balance
Focus on the experience - Pleasure
Eat what makes you happy - Harmony
Eat foods that fuel your lifestyle - Nutrition

*FUN FACT : Our yiayia (grandmother) and mother helped us make the very first batch of Beeyond Pasteli Bars! Three generations of Greek women.

  • The beauty of the perfectly balanced flavors and harmonious ingredients of Greek food lies in its ability to connect us to the past while nourishing our bodies in the present.They remind us of the importance of eating foods that are both mentally satisfying (taste) and physically nourishing (health).

We know life is moving at a faster pace than ever. Weather if it's during your morning coffee ritual, your afternoon lunch break, or , even if just for a moment, to slow down, experience, and savor the moment.

The beauty of simple and high quality foods is undeniable. They remind us to slow down, savor each bite, and appreciate the simple pleasures of life.